My Thoughts Are Ours from Here

by Zach Winters

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released May 13, 2006

Alex Winters - contrabass on "Six Seven"



all rights reserved


Zach Winters Norman, Oklahoma


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Track Name: package song
mostly I’ll write
or I’ll arrange
a package to send in the mail
and if we should talk
know the miles make me
laugh because I see the end
I’ll sing a song
as night fades
to morning on your side
of the water and earth
that God made
to divide and to bind us in time
Track Name: six seven
if you want to stay here I’ll
run to find the quickest way
out… I’m
sure I’ll find it soon, eh?
smile at me as if you don’t
think I put the price on my own
head… I just
need to put some business to
rest while I am gone I’ll be
back before you know that I’ve
left… and my
hands will be clean again
through your eyes you see the same
boy who can’t remember where he’s
been… you’ve
told him a thousand times that
this can never leave the taste
of anything compared to romance;
a simple kiss without the need to
dance between the paper sheets
and the sweat that beads on your
neck… you’re getting dirty from breathing her breath

and when you lay down, does it keep?
or does the hurt go away when you sleep?
cause I am the one that is kneeling
won’t you come back to me?
Track Name: all the lame people walk
all the lame people walk (ad infinitum)
Track Name: oh marie
I hear the door close
gently behind me
in the dark I see you lying there
breathing in and out lightly

and you are young
and I lay down beside you
you are sweet
as my eyes close

I’m freezing when I wake
from a bad dream that sent me
reaching out for you hand
to feel a bed that is empty

did I know
from the cold
as I lay there rags and bones
that time makes me forget all my secrets in the end?
oh Marie
I heard the door close
somewhere deep inside me
you left me in a foreign land
when your breathing stopped beside me
Track Name: call song
wish I had a wish I had a call from you
love it when I when I get to talk to you
hoping that the hoping that the call goes through
hope I get to hope I get to talk with you
love to talk to you

let me hear your voice, darling
because your voice is sweet
oh, and I love talking with you
I love you, Lane
Track Name: chemicals
chemicals I’m wading
thought I heard you saying
you love me more than words could ever groan
chemicals I’m wading
all my skin is grating
like stars giving birth inside my bones
and the things that I am leaving
I could’ve killed myself for grieving
the things you give away are the things you own

chemicals I’m walking
thought I heard you talking
missing you is half of what’s on my mind
chemicals I’m walking
a genius’ waste in chalking
the foolish man that turns fields into lines
as the lines become our cities
can we hide behind the buildings
muttering things, things and asking why

chemicals I’m breaking
a paper man is shaken
figures fall like leaves in the first of cold
chemicals I’m breaking
thought I’d been forsaken
I’ve wasted so much time waiting to be bold
as I scream crucify and kill me
and watch the spear pierce and spill me
feel the light across my face as you roll the stone
Track Name: red song
when you conceive
do you hate the child
and the way the little face reminds you
of the things you did
when you were young
and of regret
and of the tongue of flame that started
everything on fire
how it all went up
and how the field is full of blood
the one you bought
with the money from
the man you sold
the son of God
Track Name: like an arrow from the bow
simple fall, simple break
rush of blood from the place
underneath where I lay
cup the flood with my face

so break the weak man
so heal the blind man
so raise the dead man

stay at home let me sleep
let the blinds sentry keep
from the lights and the street
pull me back to me feet

so take my hand
teach me how to run again
lead me to a weeping land

simple life, simple death
ask me what I can’t guess
I please the heart inside your chest
hear me speak shibboleth
Track Name: a petition, a plea, a siren
deliver him a sentence
from the letter you composed
that set in writing all your thoughts
oh God
sentiment retrieval
won’t arouse minds of sleepers
or curb the way of their descent
oh God

deliver him a sentence
if the judgment is what it takes
to sift sacred from profane
oh God
keep at him, o Lover
with a heavy hand
of jealousy and lift
the veil that hangs
oh God

deliver him a sentence
from your mouth and let him witness
both the lion and the lamb
oh God
tear him all to pieces
so that no one else deceives him
wound to heal
demarcate your heart
Track Name: harp
picking up the same harp
I used to play before this happened
turn it over in my hands
wonder if David knows what I’m asking
Track Name: will I see you with my hair down
will I see you with my hair down?
will I be hiding when you come for me?
will you know to find me on the streets where I am?
I know you hate the way they look at me

and will you come like a syringe and relieve me
I don’t know
I have this feeling that when you find me and see me
you’ll turn and go
they have poured into my weaknesses
I lay flooded like a valley
I see you standing in the doorway
and you say “Beloved, I have come for thee”

and when you come with your arms and lift me
I am lost
not the lost I used to feel, there’s no grieving
rivers to cross
just like a canopy I rest inside
next to my lover, clothed in white
you’re beautiful tonight
and heaven opens up
and Lord you come
and I am your wife

when I see you with my hair down
you will remind me of my childhood days
when you were walking through the wilderness
when you were only looking for my face